You are warmly invited to submit artwork to RubberStampMadness for issue themes or for columns and feature stores.


An early Merry Christmas! The first theme for our Holidays 2018 issue is Merry and Bright. Yes, Santa and his reindeer-stamping elves are at it again. Yuletide trees, outdoor decorations and winter scenes are all possibilities for creative expression. Let your light shine! Let’s share seasonal joy with everyone in Stampland. The second theme is Say It with Stamps. It doesn’t matter what you say, so much as how you say it. Any artwork that includes at least one WORD will be considered for publication. Say it like it is. Inspire us with quotes, sentiments and more! June 10, 2018 is the final postmark date for both themes.

Looking further ahead, our first theme for Spring 2019 is Science Fiction. Glimpses into the future, outer space adventures, alien visitations—let your imagination be your rocket ship. Dazzle us with your futuristic stampware. The second theme is Geometric Shape Challenge. Stamp inside triangles, circles, rhomboids—any shape except squares or rectangles. Scenic art is welcome as are abstract compositions. Consider stamping a mandala, for example. (A mandala is a circular design that can be used as an aid to meditation.) Surprise us with your creativity. September 10, 2018 is the final postmark date for both themes. Be there or be square.

Artists whose work is chosen for the cover receive $200. The person chosen as Best New Stamper receives a $50 gift certificate to the RSM store. (This is someone whose work appears for the first time in RSM.)

Include your name, postal and email addresses, as well as stamp credits on the back of each submission. Project instructions are not needed at this time. Send submissions to RubberStampMadness, PO Box 610, Corvallis, OR 97339-0610 or 216 SW Madison Ave., Suite 17, Corvallis, OR 97333. Be sure to include an SASE with your submissions.

If you have 3-D artwork or live outside the USA, send 100 dpi scan or photos via email to Please include stamp credits, your name, address and phone number within the email.


Cover submission options:
1) 8.75x11.25-inches. This size assumes the artwork fills the whole cover. There will be a trim of about 0.25-inch
off each edge.
2) 8.75x9.25-inches. This size fills the cover except for a 2-inch space across the top for the logo and information about the issue. Again, 0.25-inches is trimmed off each edge.
Try not to put any cool images in one of the bottom corners, where a store pricing symbol will be placed.

Other submission information:
Artwork submissions can be as large as 5x6.5-inches. Exceptions are made for dimensional and 3-D pieces. All submissions are subject to reduction.
Submit up to four entries per theme. Artwork sent by mail is returned when accompanied by an SASE. We suggest adding cardboard to your envelopes to protect art traveling in the mail. Or consider using a padded envelope. Check postage requirements. If submitting for more than one theme, please include an SASE for each theme.
We welcome artwork not on a specific theme for feature stories and columns in each issue. When artwork is not returned right away, this means we’re considering it for a theme album or another place in RSM.
Thank you for sending RSM your stamp art.